UST was designated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to host a Zonal Research Center (ZRC) for the National Capital Region in April 2010 for a period of one year. In December 2011, UST was named as one of the member institutions of the Philippine Higher Education Research Network (PHERNET).

UST research projects receive grants from various external local and international agencies such as:

  • Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
  • Department of Botany, Natural Museum Stuttgart, Germany
  • International Union of Immunological Societies
  • Bio-Asia France
  • International Federation of Catholic Universities Center for Coordination of Research (IFCU-CCR)
  • Global Development Network (GDN)
  • Asian and Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry (APFCB)
  • National Research Council of the Philippines
  • Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development (PCAMRD)
  • Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technologies Research and Development (PCIEETRD)
  • DOST- Science Education Institute (SEI)
  • Philippine Council for Health Research & Development (PCHRD)
  • Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA)
  • Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  • Philippine Higher Education Research Network (PHERNET).
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Research Centers and Areas

Culture, Arts, and the Humanities
  • Architectural Studies
  • Communication Studies
  • Fine Arts and Design Studies
  • Historical Studies
  • Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Music
  • Philosophical Studies
Health Research and Movement Science
  • Evidence-based Health Care
  • Wellness and Health Promotion
  • Musculoskeletal Research
  • Community-Engaged Research
  • Pain Management
  • Pediatric Occupational Participation
  • Rehabilitation Innovations and Technological Advances
  • Neuroscience and Rehabilitation
Health Sciences
  • Dermatology
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Genetics
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Medical Education
  • Neurology
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Otolaryngology
  • Pulmonology
  • Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology
Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Advanced and Nano Materials
  • Biology, Ecology, Systematics, and Taxonomy
  • Chemical Sensors and Biosensors
  • Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
  • Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Natural Products for Health and Wellness
  • Process Design, Intelligent and Embedded Systems, and Automation
  • Pure and Applied Microbiology
Social Sciences and Education
  • Business Studies
  • Contemporary Social Issues
  • Education and Leadership Issues
  • Language Studies
  • Psychology Studies
  • Sustainability Studies
Theology, Religious, Studies and Ethics
  • Studies on Catholic Doctrine
  • Historical Theology
  • Applied Theology
  • Studies of Early Christianity
  • Inculturation and Contextual Theology
  • Catholic Bioethics
  • Catholic Moral Principles
  • Philosophical Ethics
  • Virtue Ethics

University Research Strategies under the 9 Project Rs

R-Disipulo (Research Discipleship and Mentoring)
  • Incorporation of entrepreneurship and intellectual property topics/courses in the undergraduate curriculum
  • Engagement by faculty researchers of research assistants among their graduate students
  • Brown bag sessions at the research centers
  • Creation of Research Interest Groups (RIGs) consisting of senior and newer faculty researchers
R-Kaya (Research Capacity-Building)
  • Invitation of Experts as Resource Speakers in conferences sponsored/co-sponsored with external organizations
  • Seminar-workshops/trainings in writing research proposals that comply with funding agency standards
  • Application for research loads through full-blown proposals
R-Hayag (Research Dissemination, Publication, and Utilization)
  • Financial and logistical support for research paper/poster presentations
  • Availability and accessibility of research-related information in different media platforms
  • Financial support for publication fees in reputable journals
  • Conduct of annual Research Fortnight to showcase research outputs
  • Seminars on innovation, tech-transfer, and commercialization of research output
R-Halaga (Research Incentives)
  • Biennial Research Recognition
  • Financial and logistical support for research paper/poster presentations
R-Pondo (Research Grant Acquisition)
  • Inviting potential funding agencies to University activities
  • Alignment of research topics with national and global thrusts per discipline
  • Seminar-workshop/trainings in writing research proposals compliant with funding agency standards
  • Application for research loads through full-blown proposals
R-Ugnayan (Research Engagement)
  • Signing of Memoranda of Agreement with international and national partner agencies for research
  • Financial and logistical support for research paper/poster presentations in conferences
R-Integridad (Research Integrity)
  • Accreditation of Ethics Committees in academic units
  • Annual training on research ethics
  • Institutionalization of Animal Care and Use Committee; Bio-Safety Committee
  • Use of anti-plagiarism software for reviewing manuscripts
R-Galing (Research Excellence Framework)
  • Biennial Research Recognition
  • Annual International Publication Award
  • Dangal ng UST – San Lorenzo Award for national recognitions obtained
  • Invitation of experts as resource speakers in conferences
R-Pag-Ayos (Research Management)
  • Availability and accessibility of research information on different media platforms
  • Digitization of research data/database
  • Use of standard forms

Thomas Aquinas Research Complex

The main venue for research in UST is the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex. This is a four-storey building named after the patron saint of the University. It is a semi-centralized system for the productive exchange of ideas among researchers in the fields of Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Education, Arts and Humanities, and the Ecclesiastical Sciences.

The building houses research centers and research laboratories where faculty members and students work together to generate new knowledge or new technology in their field of specialization. It also has seminar/workshop rooms and an auditorium where knowledge is shared and disseminated.

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