Vasquez of Pharmacy, Ƶapp elected Chair of Pharmaceutical Sciences division of NRCP

Professor Ross D. Vasquez, PhD is the new Chair of the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the National Research Council of the Philippines. He was elected for the term of 2024-2026. Vasquez is an academic staff of the Department of Pharmacy and is an academic researcher of the Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences.

In an interview with the Communications Bureau, Vasquez disclosed the plans of the division for the coming years, as encapsulated in the title: “Fostering Filipino Excellence in Pharmaceutical Science: Advancing Research, Transforming Healthcare, and Enhancing Lives for a Healthier and Resilient Nation.” Vasquez disclosed that the division leaders and members envision the group “to be a dynamic and forward-thinking hub of scientific exploration, dedicated to transforming innovative ideas into tangible healthcare solutions.” Collaborations among academic, industry, and healthcare organizations are expected “to amplify the impact of pharmaceutical research, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that accelerates progress and health for Filipinos.”

Among Vasquez’s recent research projects are painkillers screening and the potential cardiovascular toxicity of anti-leukemia drugs. Currently, he is working on natural mood enhancement products from Philippine sources. He is also working on a UST-funded project entitled “Utilization of zebrafish model for human diseases and the application of AI tools in Pharmacology and Toxicology Research.”

NRCP is a national organization of researchers that aims to advocate frontier science and humanities research and evidence-informed policies with the highest ethical standards committed to impact national and global sustainable development.

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